Roulette bet solution

simulate your roulette strategies

Are you looking for a nice software solution to simulate your roulette strategies like Martingale variations?
Then you are lucky roulette gambler, because this page won't tell you to bet in OCs to test out your systems. The most of the internet sites even tell you: Play here. Gamble there. Win much. Never lose at all.
The worst of them try to tell you what system you shall play in which specific casino, and they warn you that this infallible trick will only work in casinos that they advise you to use.....
But you hopefully know, that this is just lies and filthy cheating?!!?

Those suggested roulette strategies won't win every time and you won't get rich in some minutes.
Most probably you will be out of money after a little while - but those sites that told you to go there got a money bonus from the casino. And this is the only reason why they sent you to gamble there.

the Roulette number 35

roulette straegies tested

So whats a good alternative you will ask!?
Its the site of where you can see the very most roulette straegies tested in realistic simulations. The results of the simulator analysis are comparable to each other and so you can define your personal way of gambling.
You can even set up your own ideas of betting and progressing at the roulette table. There are many constructs of which you can learn a lot and so to enrich your own concepts.

There is much more than only double your bet on red or black if you have lost a round.
This so called roulette trick is only winning guaranteed when your table has no limit, and this is never the case. The fact is, that you will lose often enough to hit this limit and then there is no way at all of increasing your bet and by that everything is just lost.
But you saw this in a video? Yes maybe, but did you see all the other tries before this one,
that were just lost....?
Be clever and know how to bet, before you put your money into the game.